We create brands, design websites, and manage marketing campaigns for athletes, fitness professionals, and service-based businesses on the rise.

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Our Team

Alyssa; Founder & Owner.

For nearly 8 years Alyssa worked as a solo-preneur and freelancer; creating photo and video content, as well as providing website design and social media management for her clients.  Her business was not built on skill alone, but her ability to connect with her clients, communicate, and really care about the brands she worked with.  Essentially anything her clients needed – she would find a way to make it happen.

Alyssa Raye Productions was a small, but thriving, media business, that eventually become MUCH bigger than Alyssa could handle on her own.

Alyssa Rae Wild Media Marketing Agency
Alyssa Banting With dogs in the snow

She sought out a talented team to help her provide a more complete, higher quality service, and Wild Media slowly came to be.  

While she continues to work directly with each client, Alyssa empowers her team to utilize their respective skills to provide a collaborative effort for each brand.

She spends most of her time with her Wooly Siberian Husky, Nakia, who was the inspiration behind “Wild Media”.  When Alyssa is not on her laptop working on client projects, you can find her and Nakia either hiking through the woods or paddleboarding on the water.  

Kevin Cootauco; Executive Producer

Kevin has been a working professional as a freelance creative since 2016, but he would tell you that his journey to this point in his career and life starts in his childhood. Exhausting hours and hours of his favourite movies, and every piece of extra content about how those films were made, and the people behind them – he always dreamed about being an artist and storyteller, just like his favourite filmmakers and artists.

In recent years, he has made a name for himself as a top photographer, cinematographer, director and collaborator in the fitness community, with local and independent businesses, big brand names, professional athletes, influencers and many more. With a strong focus on visual storytelling, and always putting the art and the craft first, Kevin is known for having a bright, enthusiastic energy on set, but also having a wide technical understanding of filmmaking and photography technique; delivering a very creative, colourful and stunning style with his visuals.

Kevin Cootauco; Executive Producer

Jessica Mendoza; Social Media Strategist

Meet our Social Media Manager, Jessica. Driven by creativity, she takes pride in providing the best content creation possible. As a Social Media Manager, her goals include generating high-quality leads, building brand awareness and increasing customer engagement.

In addition to her primary job functions, Jessica has recently completed her undergrad at Wilfrid Laurier University and is currently pursuing her Marketing diploma at Humber College.

Jessica manages many of our premium accounts, which includes content creation, caption generation, posting, responding to comments, and ensuring our clients’ online presence is optimal to capture the attention of the ideal audience, and generate leads. 

Jessica Mendoza

Zhaire James; Website, SEO & App Developer

Zhaire is a web & app developer highly skilled in Adobe Suite, HTML, JavaScript, SEO, Swift & REACT, CSS, and JQuery. His expertise lies in his ability to both design and develop projects that require creative and analytical thinking. His background in graphic design enhances his knowledge of the development-design relationship, as he works hard to bring each design alive.

He has worked on an extensive range of websites and apps from start to finish and makes sure that clients’ priorities and goals are achieved with sound advice.